Paradise Inn Guest House in Alleppey, demand more money than booked price 382 Rs.

I arrived at Alleppey station on 23 April 14:53.

Alleppey station

I took bus to go to hotel area.

Alleppey station to hotel area by bus


I arrived at Paradise Inn Guest House 19:23 and took picture.

Arrived at Paradise Inn Guest House on 19:23



I met 2 men sitting at the entrance of this hotel.

They showed me the room 2nd floor.

They told me the room cost 600 Rs.

I asked discount.

Last price was 400 Rs.


So I showed Agoda price 382 Rs.

But they kept price 400 Rs.

So I completed booking on 19:34 in front of them, which Agoda required to me cash payment.

Booking ID: 268238713 


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Agoda Customer Service <>
Date: 23 April 2018 at 19:34
Subject: Agoda Confirmed Booking at Paradise Inn Guest House
To: me

Your booking at Paradise Inn Guest House is confirmed and complete with Agoda price guarantee.

Makoto Iwasaki

Your booking is confirmed and complete!
Your booking ID: 268238713
You can easily manage your booking with our self service.

Manage My Booking
Note to the property: Allotment under reservation number 1578569341
Payment for this booking will be collected by the property.


Standard Non AC RoomINR 382.50 
Total price:INR 382.50*
* Payment for this booking will be collected by the property.



I asked them to receive my cash payment 382 Rs.

But they still insist on 400 Rs.

So I told them that I will report this issue to Agoda.

They said OK.


So I left this hotel around 19:40.

I start walking to look for other hotel to stay.

I took picture of interesting christian monument on 19:48  and 19:49

I left Paradise Inn Guest House and looked for another hotel. on the street

on the street

on 19:50, Paradise Inn Guest House sent to me following email. I did not know about it untill 2nd May.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Property <>
Date: 23 April 2018 at 19:50
Subject: Your booking at Paradise Inn Guest House
To: me

Hi, Makoto Iwasaki

This message is from Paradise Inn Guest House.
Paradise Inn Guest House
Mon Apr 23 21:20:43 ICT 2018

Dear Guest , thanks for choosing us , for completing the booking we kindly requesting you to send 100%of amount to our bank with in one hour , failure to make transfer we cannot keep the room due to busy season!
Antonys Tours and Travels
A/C No: 00000067087394019State Bank of India (SBI)
District Court Road Branch- Alleppey
IFSC No: SBIN0070396
Kerala, S.India,
Thank you
Paradise inn

— To respond, just reply to this email —

This email was sent by: Agoda Company Pte. Ltd., 30 Cecil Street #19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712


This email is requesting me to change the payment method from cash payment to bank transfer within one hour.

Bank is closed after evening. And foreign tourist are not allowed to open bank account in India.

They are requesting impracticable payment method.


After I checked in to Shade hotel around 19:55, I made review on google map about Paradise Inn Guest House.



On 2nd May, I noticed that this agoda booking ID 268238713 was processed as being  canceled by me.

So I claimed to Agoda that it is hotel side that canceled or rejected my payment of 382 Rs and checkin.

Manager of Paradise Inn Guest House said to Agoda that I have not arrived at this hotel.

The picture I took showed that I arrived at Paradise Inn Guest House.

Arrived at Paradise Inn Guest House on 19:23


Their Unreasonable email on 19:50 to change the payment method also show that their explanation to Agoda is totally unreliable.







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